What Are The Best Leagues To Bet On?

Last Updated on March 27th, 2022 at 8:13 PM

What Are The Best Leagues To Bet On
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What Are The Best Leagues To Bet On?

Soccer is the sport that arouses the most passions and has the most fans around the world. For this reason, it also captures the attention of most bettors as it is considered a beautiful game.

But what are the best leagues to bet on? It isn’t always that the best known and the most successful leagues move the most money when betting. We tell you what you should take into account before choosing a league to place your bets.

The Best Leagues To Bet

European Leagues: Most bettors are attracted by the most important European leagues globally, the most famous teams, and the most prominent players of the moment. But are those the best leagues to bet on?

The problem is that it is not easy to have this advantage in the European leagues. The Spanish Liga BBVA, the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, or the French Ligue 1 are some of the best betting options.

Latin American Leagues: Leagues in Latin America are not that popular, except perhaps for the league in Argentina and Brazil. Then the others go very unnoticed. Therefore, they end up being the best to bet since the bets are paid higher. Brazil’s Serie A, Argentina’s Primera División, Ecuador’s Serie A, or Paraguay’s Primera División are some of the best leagues to bet on.

Types Of Football Bets

Final Result and Exact Result: Also called a 1X2 bet, it consists of opting for one of the three possibilities that can occur in a football match: team 1 win, draw, or team 2 win. Team 1 is the home team, and the 2 is the visitor. In the exact result mode, the user must precisely guess the game’s final result, specifying how many goals each team scores.

First Scorer: It requires an excellent previous analysis of the event and essentially lies in selecting which player to score the match’s first goal.

Half-time/full-time: You have to guess how the first half ends and how the game ends. In both cases, you have to opt for team 1, draw, or team 2, not for the exact result.

Double Chance: In the double chance mode, you have to choose two alternatives from the three possibilities in the final result bet. When there is a favorite marked in advance, the combinations that include that favorite will always offer the lowest odds.

On Goals and Bets: Generally, you bet on more than or less than a certain number of goals, although it is also possible to select an exact amount. In the same way, the same centralized bet can be made in the first or second half.

We have told you which are the best leagues to bet on, but do you know about your betting yield and how to calculate it? Below, we will explain.

What is Yield?

The term yield indicates the return that is obtained by betting. It is usually expressed in percentage (%). A somewhat more technical definition would be the average profit in % obtained for each stake unit bet.

How Is The Yield Calculated?

A simple mathematical formula is used to calculate it: Yield = (Net Profit Achieved / Amount Staked) X 100.

The net profit achieved is calculated by subtracting the won from the bet in such a way that if we bet ₦100 and get ₦140, we would have to subtract those ₦100 from the ₦140, so that we would have ₦40 of net profit.

Then we would divide 40 by 100 and multiply it by 100. The result would be a 40% yield.

What Is It For?

The yield is a term that in sports betting is used mainly to know the tipsters’ profitability. A tipster with a 15% yield earns ₦15 for every ₦100 they bet.

Long-term returns more significant than 20% are rarely common. The usual thing for a good tipster is to walk between 5% and 10% for every 1000 bets, which is when you can start talking about “long term.”

When expressed as a percentage, it serves to express performance in a unified way. You can have a tipster that goes from ₦50 to ₦300 and has a better yield than one that started from ₦1000 and now has ₦3000. The second has made more money, but their numbers are worse in percentage terms.

If you start looking for premium tipsters, you will see that everyone uses this metric as the measure to disseminate their achievements. In some cases, the client is lied to as a quality tipster, but that is another issue.

In general, you should trust tipsters with a long and verifiable betting history on platforms like 22bet Nigeria and with useful opinions. The most crucial factor in calculating this value is the number of bets placed. Anything less than 1000 bets is unreliable.

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