MozzartBet Lucky Super Six( 6) Guide and Bonus Jackpot

Last Updated on April 25th, 2021 at 11:49 AM

MozzartBet Lucky Super 6 Game

MozzartBet Lucky Super 6 Game



MozzartBet Lucky Super Six( 6) Guide and Bonus Jackpot

Mozzart Lucky Super 6 game is a fixed oddsbet on the results of events that occur without the Bookmaker’s involvement, random events generated by an independent system. Events consist of number extractions that are performed by an independent server that neither the Bookmaker nor a third party can interfere in any way


In case of a standard game, a player has to select six numbers ranging from 1 to 48. In order to win, it is necessary to GUESS ALL six numbers. The odd depends on the order in which the SIXTH ball with the selected number has been drawn

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In each draw, the system randomly provides three bonus signs. In the case of a winning ticket where a bonus sign was additionally placed next to the selected number, the corresponding odd is increased:-1 bonus sign guessed –the odd is multiplied by two;-2 bonus signs guessed –the odd is multiplied by three; -3 bonus signs guessed –the odd is multiplied by four


Bonus Jackpot


Bonus jackpot represents a bonus win provided by Bookmaker in order to promote the game.All the players who have paid for a MozzartLucky Super 6 ticket are possible bonus jackpot winners.


A unique bonus jackpot code is printed on each ticket.The information about the ticket to which the bonus jackpot has been awarded is displayed on the game animation.

In addition, the operator will notify the player about the bonus awarded, when reading the ticket which has been awarded the bonus jackpot.When paying out a jackpot bonus, the winner is required to deliver the following information:

  • -First and last name
  • -Personal ID number
  • -Addressof residence
  • -Municipality of residence.

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